Yoga appeared in my life in 2008 in a small Kundalini yoga studio in Barcelona. Since then, I have tried to find time to develop the practice. I soon discovered that the more you get to know yoga, the more you want to commit to it. For this reason, I decided to deepen my understanding and travelled to India, where I had the experience of living in an Ashram, and where I became a certified Yoga teacher (by the Yoga Alliance International) on During my trip to India, I also went to Mysore to explore the practice of Ashtanga Yoga with M.S Viswanath, better known as Masterji: I spent enough time there to discover that the path of yoga is long but full of joy, and life becomes calmer, happier and more fulfilled the more you practise.

As a teacher, I aim to help students to get in close touch with their inner self, so that they can decide what's there to improve in order to grow. In class, we do a sequence of Asanas in combination with breathing exercices, followed by proper relaxation. The rhythm and pace is determined by each individual. The body is there to be heard, and the mind is there to process what the body requires. The styles I offer are Hatha , Vinyasa Flow and Yoga Nidra  and the language is english .